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Real Estate Due Diligence Services

Specializing in Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, Sage has performed hundreds of environmental assessments on a variety of commercial and industrial properties. We understand lending institution requirements and the varied environmental regulations associated with all phases of property assessment. This holistic perspective enables us to determine if a potential environmental concern is a true concern for our client's business.

Phase I Environmental Assessments (ESAs) are performed prior to the closing of commercial real estate transactions to determine if recognized environmental conditions exist on the subject property.

Investigation and Remediation Services

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Transaction Screen

This environmental product offers clients a cost-effective answer to reviewing large property portfolios or low-risk single properties. It is comprised of a questionnaire, a site inspection, and a regulatory database search and interpretation. 
Prior to initiating any assessment, we review client and project objectives. We also consider site specifics to determine the best assessment strategy. We tailor each investigation work plan for specific site requirements in conjunction with our client's objectives and applicable regulatory standards.

Asbestos and lead-based paint investigations are material-specific services required for renovation and demolition projects. These inspections mitigate the exposure risk to workers and residents by identifying hazardous materials prior to their disturbance.

Site Cleanup/Remediation

Review of Other Consultants' Phase I Reports

The review is conducted by a Registered Environmental Assessor to determine if the scope of work is adequate and the conclusions and recommendations are realistic.

We offer our clients Site Remediation/Cleanup base on site assesment reports and recommendations. Cost is based on the size and scope of the project.

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