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Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II ESAs are not always necessary and often cannot be completed without a Phase I ESA. When this action is recommended, it is usually the result of finding a Recognized Environmental Condition during the Phase I assessment.

This step consists of collecting samples of soil, ground water, and/or surface water. Depending on site conditions, samples are collected by auger boring, geoprobe, or other sampling equipment.

Sage Environmental Services' highly-qualified geology staff can help you complete this next step in the site assessment. After sampling and analysis is complete, the report will provide you with a much better understanding of the existence of contamination and recommendations for remediation (if needed) that can reduce your environmental and civil liability.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessments

Once the Phase II ESA has been completed, a recommendation will be made as to whether further action is necessary, such as a Phase III ESA, which includes site remediation. This is typically recommended when contamination is found to be significant and /or exceeds federal, state, or municipal human health risk standards. 


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